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Our Live Trading Floor

Our Live Trading Floor

The Knowledge To Action™ Graduate Website provides a wealth of resources to help our Graduates improve their trading skills and further their knowledge and understanding of the Stock Markets and Forex Markets.

Knowledge To Actions trader training programme teaches people to master, and successfully trade markets around the world, making money and changing their lives!

To find out how you can become a Knowledge To Action™ Graduate and gain access to the resources that have helped so many, to gain financial independence, or to attend one of our FREE seminars held worldwide. Visit your local site:


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The Knowledge to Action Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation committed to positively improving the quality of life of children around the world. Focusing on education, life skills and youth leadership initiatives, the foundation strives to equip young people with the essential building blocks of life. We believe that every child deserves the best chance in reaching their full potential on the road to adulthood.




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